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Eternal blue complete has many computer modeled objects, such as the building where lucia sleeps on the blue star, most shots of the dragonship destiny, and zophars first form. Eternal blue, the sega cd version is preferable for those who like longer, more brutal dungeons and dont mind the added difficulty from the localization but for those whod rather play for the story, the 32bit version is the way to go, in spite of the minor story cutschanges. The localization process for rpgs is intensive, and working designs responsible for the localization of lunar. Eternal blue, runa etanaru buru is a roleplaying video game developed by game arts and studio alex for the sega cd as the sequel to lunar. Lucia voiced by kelly weaver comes forth to prevent the evil entitys return. The story remains largely the same, with some minor alterations.

After this ruse falls apart, the phony retreats to the. No, lunar 2 wont impress anyone with its likewise oldschool graphics, but thats not the point. Cgc huge poster lunar 2 eternal blue complete playstation ps1 psx psx055 16 x 24. Aerobiz supersonic sega mega drive genesis vgm aladdin game boy gbs. It is a stock swordandsorcery fantasy world, but with an alien sky dominated by an object called the blue star. Zophar is the god of destruction whose only purpose is to spread evil across the universe. Zophar the games principal villain, a longdormant evil spirit who is attempting to. Good godgoddess is intensified with the growing powers of zophar, while hiro and lucia search for the goddess althena and her holy city, pentagulia. In exchange for eternal beauty and youth, she aids the games main antagonist, zophar, by impersonating the goddess althena at the city of pentegulia. Eternal blue complete has many computer modeled objects, such as the building where lucia sleeps on the blue star, most shots of the dragonship destiny, and zophar s first form. And at that time, humans had wished for a goddess to destroy zophar, revive their star, and offer a second chance to humanity. Eternal blue faqwalkthrough playstation by sybillium.

Eternal blue is a roleplaying video game developed by game arts and studio alex for the sega cd as the sequel to lunar. Lunar 2 eternal blue playstation psf music zophars. A series of roleplaying games started in 1992, developed by game arts. On the blue star, i sealed zophar away, and then brought life to lunar. His evil corrupted the hearts of people, turning some into monsters to do his bidding. The eternal blue novelization was instead written by hikomi hosoe with illustrations provided. Welcome to the englishjapanese differences section for lunar.

But be carefuldark forces are trying to revive the evil zophar, and. Eternal blue on the playstation, faqwalkthrough by sybillium. Only the goddess althena is powerful enough to stop zophar. Thousands of years ago, the blue star was infected with evil by a dark god named zophar. Compare current and historic lunar 2 eternal blue complete prices. Lunar 2 eternal blue hardcover january 1, 1999 by game artsworking designs author 5.

Join freewheeling hiro and adorable ruby a thousand years after the events of the first adventure, as they work to unlock the secrets of the blue spire. Zophar, an evil disembodied spirit, appears and drains lucia of all her magic powers. That was quick i believe it has to do with a crystal at the top of the star dragons. Some other thoughts and potential discussion topics for lunar. Eternal blue is a traditional roleplaying video game featuring. Second, lunar 2 has the whole save the world thing going on tenfold, and does it very well. Eternal blue on the playstation, faqwalkthrough by shotgunnova. Download all files as mp3 143 mb download original music files 81 mb paused. Eternal blue takes place on the silver star, a once uninhabitable wasteland now populated by the descendants of people brought over from the blue star by the. The number of cutscenes were actually reduced, although mostly small, incidental cutscenes were cut. Anime, music, tvmovies, and books the arts polls general gaming.

No, lunar 2 wont impress anyone with its likewise oldschool graphics, but. With the limitations on items and random encounters instead of contact based, lunar 2 will put even the most experienced rpger to the test. All the entries in the series are set on the eponymous world of lunar. Fake althena lunar the female villains wiki fandom. Jul 10, 2006 anime, music, tvmovies, and books the arts polls general gaming.

I watched over humanity on lunar, as the blue star gathered energy from this world so that it could one day be restored. The us version changes the games internal title from lunar2 to lunar eternal blue. Eternal blue, like its predecessor, is pretty much. The silver star, and maintains its place today as arguably one of the three best traditional rpgs ever made.

There are plenty of books and artifacts you can document too gwen. Sound files are available for albert odyssey, lunar. Eternal blueregional differences the cutting room floor. It takes place 5 years after hiro goes to the blue star. Images of the voice actors who play the voice of zophar in lunar 2. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Eternal blue codex gamicus humanitys collective gaming. Zophar attacked the blue star millenia ago, corrupting its inhabitants by feeding. The lunar stories take place on an inhabitable moon called lunar, or the silver star, that orbits a planet known as the blue star. Silver star story, magic knight rayearth, and vay please note that many of these files were found at other sites, most notably arkmays lunar page, lilys rpganime page. The battle system as well has improved, and the battles get increasingly difficult until you fight zophar himself in a terrifying showdown to keep you glued to your tv set. The story this time focuses on young hiro, an archaeologist fascinated with the stories of ages past. Lucia the last battle 15 parting 16 eternal blue eternal sentiment total time. Theres a whole series of books in eternal blue which details what happened to the cast after the first game, and a number of returning locales.

Only two arms can be hurt at this point, i believe they are the top and bottom arms. From the story to the simple battle system, it doesnt bore players with the details that can make newer roleplaying games unbearable. The book said that some people think that the story of tabens peak is a fairy tale. Eternal blue, the game i hope you all spent the past few weeks playingreplaying. As i watched over this world, i continued to be reborn time and time again to guide it. Eternal blue is undoubtedly one of the best games made for the sega cd. Here we go again thats right, folks, the game isnt over yet. Sep 04, 2015 lunar 2 is also helped by the fact that it can be very strategic.

Despite the fact that the this font contains a full set of lower case letters that were readily available for use, the. The game was originally released in december 1994 in japan, and later in north america in september 1995 by working designs. Several books throughout silver star story foreshadow lunar. I know i am supposed to wait till lucia breaks free, but he has so many attacks he. Eternal blue is oldschool roleplaying goodness at its very best. One book in damons tower openly references zophar and the plot of the sequel, though it stops short of. The game utilizes studioquality red book audio for one of the two vocal songs. In my fic, lucia senses a new evil approaching so she and hiro go back to lunar to warn the others. Eternal blue is particularly known for their creative approach.

Zophar 19 growing fear 20 heartshaped tears 21 zophar s arrival 22 somber memories 23 dragonship destiny 24 lucias theme total time. As much as id rather have you guys figure it out on your own, ill just show my strategy. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Eternal blue expanded the story and gameplay of its predecessor, and made more use of the sega cds hardware, including more detailed graphics, longer, more elaborate animated cutscenes, and more extensive use of voice acting. The first form when he still has lucia prisioner is a key time to get a start against him. Keep alive until lucia break free, then go to town on zophars head. The console titles have generally been received very positively. Althena and zophar are the only two consistently referred to as godsgoddesses lucia is only mentioned as a goddess in the novels, and there are references to demigods and other holyunholy creatures in both major lunar games. This page has undergone some major upgrades recently. The lunar series has spawned a variety of other works in the setting, including a manga series, two artbooks, as well as novelizations of the silver star, magic school lunar. I can easily take down the first form, but how do i beat him when he turns into that shivathing. Dec 29, 2001 once you have delivered the final blow to zophar there will be a cut scene ending, one of the most touching in the game, hopefully you enjoyed playing lunar 2. Eternal blue complete characters the four heroes and the dragonmaster the four heroes and the dragonmaster the four heroes and the dragonmaster serve the false althena at the highest level, and they constitute the few humans who are allowed into the false althenas immediate presence with any degree of regularity.

As if to prove her point, the dark god zophar shows up and puts a curse on lucia, depowering her. Eternal blue takes place years after the original, after most of the original heroes have long passed on. Lunar 2 eternal blue sega saturn ssf music zophars. Eternal blue fanfiction archive with over 109 stories. Eternal blue is easily one of the hardest rpgs out there. One of the features that pushed it to the top of the systems lineup, was the musical score. Eternal blue frequently asked questions last modified. The anime cutscenes do the storyline justice in the critical parts of the game. And were the people of althenas chosen all consumed so that zophar could. Eternal blue, one of the, if not the, best game ever created. The existence of zophar implies that there are multiple gods in the lunar universe. Lunar 2 eternal blue lucia of the blue star 1 is the first of the three books of the novelization of lunar. This is my first lunar2 fic, so flame if you want, but tell why.

Eternal blue which details what happened to the cast after the first game, and a number of returning locales. The silver star, the novelization of eternal blue was not written by kei shigema, although he did have an oversight role in it. Hikaru midorikawa jp, mark zempel en, eternal blue, chad letts eng. Eternal blue, youll play the part of hiro, who, with the adorable ruby at his side, will try. Fake althena is a secondary antagonist in the fantasy rpg lunar. Welcome to the english japanese differences section for lunar. His normal appearance is a black mass with red eyes and tentacles. Eternal blue is the amazing sequel to the wonderful lunar. The game begins with lucia asleep in a crystal and hiro hanging. But the blue spire and star dragon tower have been destroyed. Lunar eternal blue has a very lengthy, challenging quest, with some great songs to accompany it. Eternal blue complete came with an extensive assortment of packaging. Theres one under meribia which appears in the silver star and eternal blue both. Owen smith, as a girl from a former world the blue star.

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