Xceive xc3028 datasheet pdf

This article discusses a family of silicon ics, produced by xceive, that combine rf tuner and analog if demodulator functions within one chip. Certain television sets, television receivers, television tuners. Here you can find a wide variety of types and values of. Electro tech is an online community with over 170,000 members who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets.

Io capabilities the spartan3a fpga selectio interface supports many popular singleended and differential standards. Xceive corporation, the market leader in hybrid silicon tuners with proven success in pc, television and the digital home, today announced the latest xceive launches xc4000 series of performance. Xc6227 datasheet, xc6227 pdf, xc6227 data sheet, xc6227 manual, xc6227 pdf, xc6227, datenblatt, electronics xc6227, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, datasheets, data. Buy xcs20pq208ckn xilinx, view the manufacturer, and stock, and datasheet pdf for the xcs20pq208ckn at jotrin electronics. In theory, this particular firmware can be the same one that is used for all xc3028 based devices. There are drivers for the chips in video for linux i think or the tda8275, for analog reception.

Edition 201009 published by infineon technologies ag 81726 munich, germany. Xc900m datasheet mw minipci the xc900m is a mw tx power minipci radio module. It is designed for the 900mhz ism license exempt frequency band to support high. Xc6206 datasheet, xc6206 pdf, xc6206 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf. Although this is not strictly about rtlsdr, i dont really know where to post it, my apologizes. Another tuner could be the xceive xc3028, check xceive site.

Rx0932c marketing document for the xceive xc3028 evaluation board rx56c. Xc2298h, xc2299h xc2000 family high line summary of features data sheet 8 v1. The lack of good software is a problem, but not for me, since i have what i. The xceive firmware has an internal version number. Offer xc2023 fxxc from kynix semiconductor hong kong limited. Ds50002071fpage 2 20122016 microchip technology inc. Information contained in this publication regarding device. Future routine revisions will occur when appropriate, and changes will be noted in a revision summary. This function enables the prevention of battery leakage. Adc08060 1features description the adc08060 is a lowpower, 8bit, monolithic 2 singleendedinput analogtodigitalconverter with an onchiptrackand internal sampleandholdfunction hold circuit. It is designed specifically for digital, for further information on the xceive xc3028 and low power consumption. Hybrid analog and digital silicon tuner for terrestrial and cable tv reception. I know this is completely different from the realtek chip, but ive been following the rtlsdr discussions with interest and just happen to have a wintvhvr950q atsc usb tuner sitting around. Xceive in order to obtain the latest device specification sheets before using any.

I dont think its possible with the xc3028 but we dont have a datasheet. Product datasheet characteristics xcsz12 main range of product preventa safety detection accessory separate part category mounting and fixing accessories accessory separate part type actuator accessory separate part designation actuator with wide fixing accessory separate part destination plastic guard switch complementary. The ce function enables the circuit to be in stand. Mar 18, 2008 the chips are controlled via i2c protocol, also for tuning etc. Pkm 4910a pi advanced specification 99w dc dc power module 48 v input. Havent discovered yet how to use both tv and fm concurrently. Xcs20pq208ckn xilinx programmable logic ics jotrin. Thus, the silicon tuner xceive xc3028 is chosen to meet the requirements. Pdf 0206 pdf mbcm xc3028 xceive xc3028 xceive dvbt tv tuner diagram dvbt dvbt tv tuner dvbt schematic 9528 dvbt tuner diagram digital tv receivers. Product datasheet characteristics xcszc1 main range of product preventa safety detection accessory separate part category spare parts accessory separate part type coded magnet accessory separate part designation additional coded magnet accessory separate part destination coded magnetic switch complementary.

There is no change to this datasheet as a result of offering the device as a spansion product. The xc41112xc4bab11 parts manufactured by vixc are available for purchase at jotrin electronics website. Xceive was a, united states based, fabless semiconductor company which focused upon the design and sale of silicon rf transceiver technology for broadcast tv sources. The xc9140 features a load disconnect function to break continuity between the input and output at shutdown xc9140a, and also a bypass mode function to maintain continuity between the input and output xc9140c. Sn74alvc04 hex inverter sces117j july 1997 revised july 2004 figure 1. Additionally, each spartan3a fpga contains a unique, factoryprogrammed device dna identifier useful for tracking purposes, anticloning designs, or ip protection. Xc41112xc4bab11 vixc integrated circuits ics jotrin. Table 2 shows the number of user ios as well as the number of. Xc6206 series recommended mount pattern and pin number sot23 sot89to92 t usp6b to92 l pin name functions 1 1 2 2 vss ground 3 2 4 1 vin power input. You will need a processor to do anything useful with them.

Numerous passages of the 792 specification are similar to the. Any changes that have been made are the result of normal datasheet improvement and are noted in the document revision summary, where supported. Xc6206 datasheet, xc6206 pdf, xc6206 data sheet, xc6206 manual, xc6206 pdf, xc6206, datenblatt, electronics xc6206, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, datasheets, data. It is a variant that only supports analog reception and dvbt digital reception. See who you know at xceive, leverage your professional network, and get hired. It is commonly used in usb digital tv receivers for windows and mac due to its small size and power consumption, but the manufacturer also markets it as suitable for portable tvs and. Tda18291hn low power dvb t tuner nxp semiconductors. I suspect it will be possible with the xc5000 and later xceive tuners. A version with a uvlo under voltage lockou t function is also available. Xceive is a fabless semiconductor company founded in july 2001, with headquarters in santa clara, california. Mplab xc16 c compiler users guide microchip technology. Xceive launches xc4000 series of performance silicon tuners. Offer xc4000acq xceive from kynix semiconductor hong kong limited.

Xc2023 datasheet, xc2023 pdf, xc2023 data sheet, xc2023 manual, xc2023 pdf, xc2023, datenblatt, electronics xc2023, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, datasheets, data. The xc3028 and xc3028l are singlechip hybrid analog and digital tv. Terrestrial frontend solution with xceive tuner dvbt set top boxes intel ce 9528 dvbt reference. According to sja data sheet errorwarning ei interrupt is not cleared. Dvbt tv tuner diagram dvbt tuner diagram drx3975d drx3978d vhf front end dvbt nim 3975d mpegts dvbt monitoring text.

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