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Fred and george weasley simple english wikipedia, the free. The thirdoldest weasley brother, a prig who works for the ministry of magic and takes a long time to perceive its corruption and evil. When death eaters invade hogwarts at the end of book 6, bill is among those who have come to help fight them and to protect the school. She was given her name, which means victory in french, because her date of birth fell on the anniversary of the battle of hogwarts, in which the order of the. Five of the weasley siblings attend hogwarts at some point while harry is there, and even the two oldest, bill and charlie, apparently left some marks on school history. He was a leader in his community and strived to infect as many people as possible with lycanthropy, hoping to build an army strong enough to eventually take over the wizarding community.

Nymphadora tonksbill weasley works archive of our own. Bill weasley in harry potter and the halfblood prince shmoop. Bill is first mentioned to harry potter by ron weasley while they are journeying to hogwarts on the hogwarts express. Dec 14, 2017 in the book, rufus scrimgeour resembled an old lion because of his mane of graying ginger hair and his style of clothing. Since then, patronuses have become one of the most iconic elements of the entire franchise. Ginny is the youngest member of the weasley family, the seventh child, and the only girl. This page like many of the pages on this website is under construction whilst all the different aspects of the books are linked together.

May 02, 2000 victoire weasley born on 2 may, 2000 was a partveela witch and the eldest child of bill weasley and fleur delacour. Ginny is introduced in the first book harry potter and the philosophers stone, as the. Dawn smirked when she spotted the ravenclaws face light up at the sight of charlie weasley. Molly weasley is described in the books as being plump, with red hair, and a kind face. Order of the phoenix fictional organisation wikipedia. The weasley family family were a pureblood wizarding family in great britain. Can you identify these harry potter characters if we remove.

Ron was born into the weasley family on 1 march 1980, the sixth of their seven children, and the youngest son. Since his first year at hogwarts, he has accompanied his friends on a number of dangerous adventures, eventually leading to the defeat of lord voldemort. What is ginny weasleys physical appearance answers. Interview with prisoner of azkabans bill weasley richard fish. Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban introduced the idea of the patronus charm in harry potter canon. Together, the weasley twins are an infamous, amusing, and charming pair. He was mauled by the werewolf fenrir greyback when he wasnt turned. Ginevra molly weasley is a fictional character in j. Ginny weasley in harry potter and the order of the phoenix. Walters comes closest to matching the description of the character she portrays from the books. May 02, 2004 there is a lot of evidence in the books regarding to the weasley siblingsnot surprisingly given the prominence of that family in the books. But now, its ron who seems most intent on setting ginny up with harry.

Charlie, and bill for that matter, had both grown up and left home but what they still shared with their siblings was the easygoing, overthetop, sometimes delinquent weasley sense of humour with the exception of percy and tendency to create chaos wherever they went. Harry had always imagined bill to be an older version of percy. Artemis saw the smirk and nudged her with her elbow. He attended hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry from 19821989 and was both a prefect and head boy. Harry potter fans know that a patronus is a spell associated with the characters happiest memory.

Muggles guide to harry pottercharactersbill weasley wikibooks. Ronald weasley in harry potter and the sorcerers stone. Bill weasley in the first book and movie, oliver wood is the captain of the gryffindor house quidditch team. For book lovers, the satisfaction of coming across a wellwritten, strong female character is right up there with that first whiff of new book smell. Muggles guide to harry pottercharacterspercy weasley. When we first meet him in the books, bill weasley is described to be. While waiting for the start of the match, percy sees his boss, mr. Rons closest friends are an international celebrity harry and a brainiac hermione, and he feels intimidated by all his older brothers reputations. Crouch, walk by, and dashes up to offer him a cup of tea. Hes recovered from his werewolf attack in book 6, and has found his role in the grownup world as an order member, as fleurs husband, and, eventually, as a father of victoire. She is one of the old crowd, a group of witches and wizards who are faithful and devoted to albus dumbledore.

Harry potter simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Harry potter characters by description quiz by hergie10. Why did molly weasley complain that kings cross was. Every time fleur delacour showed us how to do life. In the fanfiction in my head dont look at me, bill weasley was also cradlesnatched like we are all assuming.

The story of the night bill weasley was left in charge at the burrow and everything that can possibly go wrong for a year old wizard babysitting six siblings. William arthur weasley bill is the oldest child of the weasley family and is an. The oldest of the weasley brothers, who lives in a cottage by the sea. He has a broad, goodnatured face, which is slightly weatherbeaten and very freckly. Dating bill weasley enjoy rapport relations fun that. Nymphadora tonksbill weasley 64 nymphadora tonkscharlie weasley 9 sirius blackremus lupin 5 fleur delacourbill weasley 5 remus lupinnymphadora tonks 5 nymphadora tonksbill weasleycharlie weasley 4 draco malfoyharry potter 2 hermione grangerneville longbottom 2 andromeda black tonksted tonks 2 hermione grangerron. Ron weasleys family tree arthur weasley molly prewett elle sappelle molly weasley. Mafalda, a cousin who never made it into the books web link.

He is said to have been head boy while at school, and is now working for gringotts in egypt as a cursebreaker. He was quiet, kept to himself, and although he was brave and willing to fight for what he believed in, he also seemed to be amongst the most practical of the family. It was the day before the wedding and bill had finallly asked if i wanted to hang out. Character profile for bill weasley from harry potter and the. She has flaming red hair thats a given for a weasley, light brown eyes chamber of secrets. The weasley twins were champions of mischiefmaking who brightened up even the darkest moments of life. Bill weasley is a minor character in the harry potter novels canon. Order of the phoenix we barely see bill at all here, but he doesnt let us down hes a weasley through and through, spirited and loyal. The oldest son of arthur and molly weasley, bill is a caring, noble wizard who cant resist a bit of adventure and. Ronald bilius weasley is a fictional character in j. Bludgerbeating, trickinventing, umbridgebaiting redheads, we salute you. Every time fleur delacour showed us how to do life properly. At the rate jkr was going with the weasley worship, i wonder why she bothered to name the books harry potter.

Percy apparates to the quidditch world cup with bill and charlie, joining harry, hermione, mr. He is the son of actor brendan gleeson, alongside whom he has appeared in a number of films and theatre projects. When bill was mauled by fenrir greyback, molly made the poor decision of implying that it would interrupt bill and fleurs wedding plans. In goblet of fire bill is described as having a ponytail and a fang earring and wearing dragon hide boots. Hi, charlie smiled at dawn when he reached the pair. Ron weasley born 1980 is the best friend of harry potter and comanager of popular joke shop weasleys wizard wheezes. What is the exact description from the book of fred. You wont get any hairier than you are now, i paused eyeing his long hair. Fred weasley 1 april, 1978 2 may, 1998 was a pureblood wizard, a son of arthur weasley and molly weasley nee prewett, brother to bill, charlie, percy, ron and ginny weasley, and twin brother to george weasley. It is named for its protagonist and hero, harry potter the 7 books in the series have sold over 500 million copies across the world in over 70 languages, and is the bestselling book series of all time. Courtesy of artist katarzyna panna n witerscheim website, facebook, tumblr. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a page. Harry potter is a series of seven fantasy novels and eight movies by j.

Character profile for bill weasley from harry potter and. He teaches harry and the audience all about how the impossibly intricate game of quidditch works. Nov 24, 2018 but from what we do know about bill, it would seem that hes an istj. William arthur weasley bill is the oldest child of the weasley family and is an adventurous person who works for gringotts. Hes also extremely kind to harry and even accompanies his mother to take on the role of family members and watch harry in the third task.

Muggles guide to harry pottercharactersbill weasley. In which harry potter book did fleur delacour get married. In which harry potter book did fleur delacour get married to bill weasley. Bill lived with the weasleys at the family home, the burrow, and attended hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry from 1982 to 1989. Character profile for ginny weasley from harry potter and. The order of the phoenix is a secret organisation in the harry potter series of fiction books written by j. The weasley family as shown in harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, for left to right. Theyre in the middle of the seven weasley children. Molly weasley, the matriarch and major force of nature, was played by julie walters in the warner brothers films. After graduating from hogwarts he went to work for gringotts wizarding. In the weasley family photo from the film bill doesnt appear to fit this description of course this is a year before his next appearance in the series, so its acceptable bills look could change in a year. Bill weasley was the eldest son of arthur and molly weasley and the brother of charlie, percy, fred, george, ron and ginny. He is a cursebreaker for gringotts bank, which leads him to travel the world to deal with exciting and dangerous tasks. Why bill is the coolest weasley brother wizarding world.

She was complaining because they were running late, remember harry was getting worried that he would miss the train, so it must have been close to 11, and. Ginny weasley goodreads meet your next favorite book. Interview with prisoner of azkabans bill weasley richard. She appears only fleetingly in the first book but makes much more of an impact in the second where her disastrous first year at hogwarts is the focus of the story, albeit unknown to her siblings and friends. The character of bill weasley in harry potter and the goblet of fire. They are twins and brothers of harry potters best friend ron weasley. His brother, percy, now distant and disconnected from the family, sends ron an owl congratulating him and advising him to sever ties with harry. What is the exact description from the book of fred weasleys. Everyones reaction to bill weasley as general hux in. Bill had been attacked by fenrir greyback, and his confidence had dropped significantly since then. It was he who infected remus lupin with lycanthropy when remuss father lyall lupin. Then, once we get to meet bill, there is room for change in his relationship with fleur.

His middle name, bilius, is the same as that of a deceased uncle. Minister of magic until seventh book, replaced by rufus scrimgeour. Ginny weasleyquotes harry potter canon wikia fandom. Ron was born into the weasley family on 1 march 1980, hbp ch. Hogwarts mystery jacobs sibling and bill weasley just before. They lived in the burrow, a ramshackle house of four or five stories a little way outside the village of. Charlie weasley is the second son of arthur and molly weasley and is described as having a build like that of his brothers fred and george. Here are just some of the ways bill weasley showed he was the absolute cats pyjamas. Bill weasley in harry potter and the deathly hallows shmoop. Youd think people had better things to gossip about. He attended hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry as a member of gryffindor house, where bill attained the top honor of becoming head boy of the school during his seventh year. Bill weasleyoriginal female characters bill weasleyreader.

Victoire weasley born on 2 may, 2000 was a partveela witch and the eldest child of bill weasley and fleur delacour. Bill is the oldest of molly and arthur weasley s seven children. In her first year at hogwarts in book 2, her crush on harry was played for laughs. Harry potter characters bill weasley project happychild. Character in book they both bill weasley and they both of which his left hand to download sometime in 2018. His first appearance was in the first book of the series, harry potter and the.

He was born on november 29, 1970 at the burrow, the weasley familys thoroughly magical home, on the outskirts of ottery st catchpole in devon, england. But she broke off as yells and shouts and the unmistakeable noises of duelling filled the. They were considered one of the prominent wizarding families, although their lack of money and their sympathy for muggleborn wizards and even muggles made other wizards and witches view them scornfully. Ron grew up in the family home, the burrow, near the village of ottery st catchpole in devon.

Whether theyre pranksters or highachievers, theyre all making names for themselves in the big bad world, and as the youngest of the weasley brothers, rons worried he wont measure up. Tweets included trivia questions and rose dated william arthur weasley. Victoire was born on 2 may in the first year in the 21st century. Bill weasley rons second eldest brother, who was a prefect and head boy at hogwarts, and who has a ponytail and an earring, and works in gringotts bank in egypt. His younger siblings are charlie, percy, twins fred and george, ron and ginny. Founded by albus dumbledore to fight lord voldemort and his followers, the death eaters, the order lends its name to the fifth book of the series, harry potter and the order of the phoenix. Harry potter, ron, charlie, bill, fred and george weasley, draco and, neville longbottom, cedric diggory, viktor krum or oliver wood add to library 226 discussion 39 browse more fanfiction fantasy harry potter romance. Fred or george, ron, charlie, molly, arthur, ginny, bill, percy, and george or fred. He has also worked as a voice actor, screenwriter and short film director. She and her older brothers grew up in the burrow on the outskirts of ottery st catchpole in devon. Freds first few years were marked by the height of the first wizarding war and when lord voldemort fell for the first time. Werewolf, infected remus lupin, maimed bill weasley, defeated by ron weasley and neville longbottom.

Shes fourteen now a year below harry, ron, and hermione. She said that bills scars showed his bravery, and nothing would stand in the way of their future together. Related family, arthur weasley father molly weasley mother. Despite coming from a poor family, bill weasley grows up to become a very successful wizard. Bill is molly and arthur weasleys first child, and the oldest brother to charlie, percy, fred, george, ron and ginny. Three dementor attacks in a week, and all romilda vane does is ask me if its true youve got a hippogriff tattooed across your chest. He is married to hermione granger and has two children. Bill weasley is the eldest son of arthur and molly weasley, and older brother to charlie, percy, fred, george, ron and ginny. He attended hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry from 19841991 and was sorted into gryffindor house.

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